Core Values

At Thallium Group, our team of experts works to enable the delivery of rich, consistent, and timely user experiences across multiple self-service channels, allowing companies and businesses
to deliver the best product to their customers in the right place at the right time.


Customers want simple, personalized and streamlined services, and thanks to Thallium Group,
the delivery of such services is now easier than ever before.



The core values of our company are:

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We guarantee to provide cutting-edge innovative software solutions to modernize and advance the banking experience.

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We focus on improving efficiency within the software and improving its performance.



We provide the best-integrated web-development services, where data is shared and can be processed across multiple channels.

Our Story

Thallium Group is a boutique firm that specializes in the web-development of custom software solutions to help institutions implement a winning IT strategy. We work with:


Fashion platforms

Marketing platforms 

CRM systems






Our Vision

When developing our solutions, we guarantee their integration with the client’s IT system.
Our solutions provide strong ROI in addition
to faster delivery of products and services, personalized customer interaction and improved workforce collaboration.

We develop complex system solutions based
on modern technologies of data analysis and processing, and actively use the opportunities provided by Cloud Solutions. We reduce the cost of development, design, re-engineering, and data migration while ensuring business continuity through our IT services. 



We work closely with our clients and create solutions that take into account the specificity of their business processes. All our systems have a modular structure and allow the possibility of scaling to accommodate the client’s request.

Backed by deep expertise in implementing platform-based solutions, we establish
a multi-level system of access rights
to various types of data and provide
a tool to administer these access rights.

Our dedicated IT team can also encrypt passwords using the MD5 hash function.
Our systems provide the most advanced
and client-oriented software currently
on the market.


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