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For Banks


For Insurance companies and non-government pension funds

Solutions that support all areas of banking business. We deliver both platform-based and custom banking software that serves the needs of retail, investment, universal, and digital banking and improves relations between financial institutions and their customers.

Solutions that support all areas of insurance business. We offer modular solutions to automate the insurance businesses. Our software products are aimed to automate the financial activities and sales processes.


Systems integration

Complex integrated solutions and services for constructing an optimal IT system. We offer a set of solutions aimed to improve the performance of hardware-software complex, providing wireless transfer system, data acquisition system, and much more.




Thallium Group is a boutique firm that specializes in the development of custom software solutions to help financial sector institutions implement a winning IT strategy. We work with:

  • Banks

  • Insurance companies

  • Investment business

  • Asset Management

  • Brokerage firms

  • Family office

  • Mutual funds

  • Accounting

  • Custodian operations


Our team of experts promises to deliver the highest quality standards, harness the latest technology and shape a new future of the financial services arena. We make sure every bank improves its customer experience and saves money. We collaborate with best-in-class technology vendors such as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, and Oracle, which enables us to deliver our clients the best-quality banking IT solutions.  


When developing our solutions, we guarantee their integration with client’s IT system. Our solutions provide strong ROI in addition to faster delivery of products and services, personalized customer interaction and improved workforce collaboration.


 We develop complex system solutions based on modern technologies of data analysis and processing and actively use the possibilities provided by IBM Cloud Solutions. We reduce the cost of development, design, re-engineering, and data migration while ensuring business continuity through our IT services. 


We work closely with our clients and create solutions that take into account the specificity of their business processes. All our systems have a modular structure and allow the possibility of scaling to accommodate the client’s request.

Backed by deep expertise in implementing platform-based solutions, we establish a multi-level system of access rights to various types of data and provide a tool to administer these access rights. Our dedicated IT team can also encrypt passwords using the MD5 hash function. Our systems provide the most advanced and client-oriented software currently on the market.






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