At Thallium Group, our payment system ensures the transfer of values from one economic entity to another. All our work is carried out from a single operator window, which contains all necessary information about the client and the product. This way, we eliminate the need for double entry of operations in different systems, which saves a lot of client’s time.


The core tasks of our payment system includes:

  • Accepting applications across the whole customer service spectrum in the field of payments and money transfers without opening an account. We process order payments, edit and cancel transactions, accept payments by free requisites in rubles and foreign currency, accept payment by direct contacts with bank counterparts and budgetary payments

  • Informing customers about rates and optimal tariff options

  • Supporting different payment systems (Western Union, CyberPlat)

  • Customizing scheme of mutual settlements with payment systems

  • Maintaining contracts with service providers

  • Preserving history of client relationship (bid history)

  • Supporting electronic document flow

  • Customizing accounting schemes

  • Building-in input data optimization tools (data validation, input masks, templates, filling in the necessary requisites.