Our Products

Retail bank

Retail bank - a commercial bank that serves any clientele, conducts multitude of small transactions, such as issuing loans, accepting deposits, making payments and transfers, servicing cardholders, and much more.


Retail bank is a complex business driven by increasingly sophisticated technology like mobile aps to adapt to changing customer expectations and desire for more tailored and personalized experience. Digital bank combines digital innovation with personalized financial consulting.

Universal bank

Universal bank - bank that conducts all major banking services, such as maintaining checking and savings accounts, processing wire transfers, providing insurance, issuing loans, purchasing securities, storing valuables in a safe-deposit box, and much more.



Universal banks not only carry out cash and credit transactions, but also provide investment services. Due to the wide range of services and a large number of customers, Universal Banks are not much affected by fluctuations in the financial market.



Investment bank

Investment bank - a financial institution that assists large companies, governments and other entities in raising financial capital on global markets, and provides purchasing and selling business consulting services. Investment bank acts as a mediator in execution of trades of stocks and bonds, currencies, and commodities.  


Experienced analysts at the investment banks use their knowledge to accurately analyze the stock markets to make a profit. Experts conduct thorough market research and provide consulting and analytical services in buying and selling businesses.

Digital bank

The digital bank has an infrastructure optimized for digital interactions with customers through comnichannel system, while its internal culture allows bank to optimize business operations and quickly adapt to changes in digital technology.


 The goal is to combine bank’s digital and non-digital resources to create new value for the client and perform business tasks of the financial institution. Digital bank seeks to provide the clients with the service they want through the most convenient for them channels.  

Core Banking

Core banking is a software and hardware system designed to processes major banking transactions, such as loans, mortgages, and payments. It also posts updates to accounts and other financial records.


Core banking software serves the needs of corporate and retail banking and improves relationships between financial instructions and their customers while also attracting most profitable clientele.  

In a digital age, when money can be transferred through a mere click of a button, going paperless is the way forward. Besides saving trees, there are plenty of benefits using core banking. With core baking, money can be directly transferred to your bank account instead of being sent physically as a check.


This way, the loss in transit is avoided and you receive money faster without having to visit a bank branch. What’s not to love?